Digitalization of rural areas

We encourage the convergence of technology in rural areas of the Republic of Croatia in order for producers to reduce operating costs and increase their own sales.

Want to improve your business and don’t know where to start?

We have prepared three ULTIMATIVA informational modules for you!

Financial module

We will soon offer you accounting services near you because we are opening 5 new offices all over the Republic of Croatia. We pay special attention to companies in the agriculture and food sector. Consulting and accounting services have never been closer and more convenient through usage of smartphones.

Marketing module

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer, we offer specialized digital marketing services to promote your products. We offer you a number of free services such as writing promotional texts and publishing/posting on our promotional channels Ruralina, Projekt Krš i Rural Direct.

Beginner module

Do you live and work in a rural area? Or more specifically – are you engaged in agricultural production or agritourism? This module is an integral business support to your financial, promotional, innovation and agronomic development.


Financial module

By choosing this module, you will get all the basic accounting services, as well as customized reports that allow you to better analyze your income and expenses and plan your business.

ULTIMATIVA’s financial module is available to companies that want to strengthen their business. This module covers the annual financial report and annual income tax return, quarterly report management and unlimited email and phone support. If the listed services do not meet your basic needs, contact us. We will tailor them to your specific financial needs.

Given that the option of connecting via the Internet is available in all areas of Croatia, be it more or less populated, we use all the possibilities to provide a range of highly digitalized services in the wider rural area.

With the help of smartphones and networking, we offer accounting services to all entrepreneurs operating in rural areas. Our accountants specifically follow all laws related to the sectors of agriculture and food and work closely with masters of agronomy (in the field of animal husbandry, crop production and agribusiness).


Marketing module

The digital marketing team is particularly focused on promotion of manufacturers. Through precisely designed digital promotional channels, we successfully promote businesses that create added value, regardless of their level of technological and media preparedness and success on the internet so far. We use our own promotional digital channels: Ruralina, Projekt Krš and Rural Direct, and partners such as

With the help of this module you can multiply your internet presence in a very short time. We create ads for you (a combination of image and text) that will be displayed to your target audience via social networks. We write interviews and interesting and inspiring stories about your business. We create free professional publications related to agriculture and the production and sale of food products. If you belong to one of these sectors, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you make your product popular.


Beginner module

The education program is intended for people who are beginners or have been operating in rural areas of the Republic of Croatia for less than five years. The basic outcome of the program is to train participants in developing a wide range of activities available to their farms according to current opportunities within the national framework.

Emphasis is placed on acquiring the skills necessary for the successful implementation of projects under the Rural Development Program, as well as management, marketing and other activities necessary for the independent management of a modern agricultural economy.

Those who are interested in applying will be provided with the latest information about the Rural Development Program including possible investments, the schedule of project application and implementation with short training in the use of tools and applications (AGRONET, ARKOD, cadastral apparatus, etc.).

Whether you are just registering a business or planning to develop a business, our expert team of educators will explain the bookkeeping basics regarding the form of registration. If you need additional sources of financing to achieve the planned investment, we will introduce you to the available loan programs in the rural development sector.

In order to modernize rural economies and gain their market advantage, we will advise and educate attenders in the field of digital marketing, advertising and the use of social networks to present and promote your products and services.

Participants will be provided with education on the benefits and procedure of entering quality systems, in order to achieve added value for agricultural products or services in rural tourism.

As an added benefit, we offer a range of promotional services to all participants through our digital platforms specialized in supporting the business development of stakeholders in the food sector.


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