Innovations for the purpose of commercializing the “datulla”


The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.



This project aims to innovate the internal organization, methods, techniques and processes of MICRO projekt d.o.o. which form the necessary basis for the global commercialization of the “datulla”. The innovative organization and processes will provide a stimulating work environment for the Applicant’s employees and will create a reference point for innovative e-health systems and a personalized approach to nutrition. The project will strengthen the competitiveness and capacities of the Applicant required for the marketing of “datulle”, which is a globally innovative e-health system to support people with special nutritional needs.



The project will strengthen the capacities of the Applicant required for the introduction of the innovative product “datulla” which was created as a result of the implemented EU supported IRI project. The project activities are intended to invest in the innovation of the organization and process of the Applicant needed to launch the production and commercialization of “datulla”.

As the development of “datulla” indicated the potential of its application in the doctor-patient relationship during the process of diagnosis and treatment, the possibilities of using this innovative system in PTPP Health services and new methods of preventive medicine and diagnostics within TPP Health and quality of life . With its characteristics, “datulla” allows doctors to make recommendations for the diet of patients in situations such as post-operative treatment in which food is a factor important for healing, but also the occurrence of health risks if not consumed properly. Communication, records, reporting, and other “datulla” functionality can make it easier for physicians to make recommendations and monitor patients. As a new service, “datulla” has the potential of commercialization as an e-health and / or m-health service that has just been highlighted as a national priority in the sector.

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