Informatization to improve the process and competitiveness of the service


The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


Development and implementation of a complete information and communication (ICT) system to improve the process of customer support and marketing, sales, strategic planning and human resource related services along with management at MICRO projekt d.o.o. to create the preconditions for long-term improvement of business efficiency, competitiveness and market position.


The project will lead to the development of a specialized software solution and the procurement of supporting equipment for employees of the User. In this way, the User will significantly improve the existing customer support process, as it will be fully digitalized thanks to software support and advanced IT equipment. By implementing this project, the User will be able to access his clients systematically with a continuous record of their inquiries, problems, proposed solutions, etc.

These inputs will be the basis for improving the service, but also long-term relationships with customers.

Thanks to this system, the User will be able to plan the dynamics of their own activities towards the client, i.e. when is it necessary to contact them, on which topic, which person to contact and things like that. All of the above will be integrated into a software solution that will be developed according to the preferences and needs of the User. This solution will significantly improve the processes and procedures through which the User operates it by shortening the steps, suggesting employees how to act in certain situations, archiving history of communication and relationships, and integrating supporting documents relevant to customer support. The User will form a kind of “call center” in charge of providing continuous customer support. In addition to the customer support process, this project will also improve the processes of marketing, sales, planning and human resource management.

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