We further business success using digital technology concepts.

Investment-consulting group ULTIMATIVA owns four companies based on knowledge and innovation. Combined knowledge of experts from member companies – Ultima report d.o.o., MICRO projekt d.o.o., Teal Port d.o.o. i Mosaic Incubator d.o.o. are used in project and company management in various sectors.

The interdisciplinarity, range of services and many years of experience guarantee ULTIMATIVA’s clients support in all development phases of their projects. ULTIMATIVA’s areas of interest are financial management, conception and implementation of innovative projects, strengthening the presence of companies on digital platforms and professional support in the initial design and development of business ideas.







ULTIMATIVA consists of 4 member companies

We offer our clients a range of professional services that are fully tailored to specific activities, and are concretized through accounting, consulting and marketing. Through the ULT rural concept, we use a proactive approach towards all entrepreneurs in rural areas. Our services are fully digitalized, and entrepreneurs can dedicate themselves to their primary business. In such an atmosphere with a unique combination of investment-consulting model of operation, we create positive changes in our own environment.

MICRO projekt

The MICRO project believes in the power of technology that brings real financial results to Your business. A professional team of consultants that can design innovative product for You, can support Your business in financial consulting and numerous economic and financial issues, as well as in the application of technology in the fields of agronomy.

We can provide You with a number of services such as: creation, implementation and evaluation of projects co-financed by EU funds, development, protection and commercialization of innovations, business plans and other.

Our project preparation and implementation team consists of agronomists and economists who build their expertise, experience and ideas in mutual synergy and the creation of innovative solutions in the field of rural development. So far, we have realized over 200 projects for our clients.

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Ultima report

Ultima report d.o.o. specializes in providing accounting and bookkeeping services and is guided by the motto “Accounting program at Your fingertips.” Digitalization and the experience of accountants who have been facing all the bureaucratic and legislative changes and entanglements for over 20 years are exactly what Your company needs.

Ultima report has an impeccable reputation, rich experience and a concise and simple method of transferring knowledge about the key accounting moves You need to make.

It offers You services of accounting reporting, calculation and analysis of salaries, processing of business documentation, management of Your fixed assets and much more, with continuous support in communication with the appropriate authorities.

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Teal Port

TEAL port d.o.o. is an agro-technological startup that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to support farmers. We are located in Split and we are a part of the ULTIMATIVA group. We offer digital marketing services for producers from rural areas. In addition, we are developing the first social network that connects customers and producers – Ruralina.

If Your business is related to food production and agronomy, feel free to contact us and join 150 of our current clients. We will create free social media posts for You, promotional texts that we will publish on the websites Agrobiz, Rural-direct or Projekt Krš, and with a minimal fee we will design a campaign for Facebook and Instagram or Google that will address Your potential customers.

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Mosaic Incubator

Mosaic Incubator d.o.o. is the first specialized business incubator for beginners and value creators from rural areas. Our main goal is to encourage rural, agricultural, agritourism and small food farms to make a key difference and survive in the market. That is why Mosaic Incubator specializes in the areas of bioeconomy development, nutrition, innovation and other prioritized topics in accordance with national strategies and EU policies.

If Your company or business is no more than 5 years old or You are thinking of starting your own business, and You live or work in a rural area, we can provide You with the following services:

  • consulting at an early stage of entrepreneurial project development
  • design and implementation of incubation programs for entrepreneurs and
  • consulting services related to the application of technologies in business.
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