Development of new high-quality services of the entrepreneurship support institution for development of new technologies


APPLICANT: MOSAIC incubator d.o.o.

PARTNER: CEDRA – Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


The goal of this project is to improve the business infrastructure and development of new technologies of the entrepreneurship support institution MOSAIC incubator d.o.o. registered for new technologies. Also, the goal is enhancing employees’ competences and providing support to SMEs in cooperation with the project partner CEDRA Split. The plan is to furnish the modular business infrastructure, development of eight new services for entrepreneurs and implementation of digital technologies for work with SMEs. This project will contribute to the positioning of MOSAIC incubator as a sector incubator for new technologies that promotes the idea of specialized services in the food and bioeconomy sector by implementing digital technologies.



MOSAIC incubator is based on the idea of providing consultant support to beginner entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs who are dealing with developmental challenges with an emphasis on connecting them, networking and implementation of digital technologies. The incubator is directed towards new technologies with a focus on biotechnology and the food sector. It supports starting and growing innovative entrepreneurship by providing needed resources and services for companies operating in these sectors. With the support of its partner (CEDRA) the Applicant plans to develop eight new services whose result will be a digital incubation concept and a high technology business process. This means integrating digital technologies with services the incubator will provide for its users and improving digital marketing and product development.

This will contribute to the visibility of new services, and it will make it easier for SMEs to access information crucial for their business development. The innovative element is the provision of digital services with the goal of digital transformation of the company.. Project activities are focused on the complete transformation of business process through constant learning and on the complete transformation of business models, business processes and product innovation. The idea of corporate social responsibility will be integrated through the developed partnership with CEDRA Split, leader in social entrepreneurship in the Urban Split agglomeration. This will contribute to the creation of added value for users.

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